🌳Loïc Grobol

Hi! Bonjour ! Hej! Demat !

I’m Loïc Grobol. I’m a maître de conférence (≈ Assistant Professor) in computational linguistics at Université Paris Nanterre, France 🇫🇷, in the MoDyCo team.

I pronounce my name [loic gʁobɔl]. I typically use they/them pronouns in English and gender-neutral pronouns in other languages where they exist.

My research

My research interests focus on machine learning applications to natural language processing, and specifically to irregular and low-resource contexts, including diachronic and historical data and low-resource languages. More specifically, these days I work on automatic syntactic parsing of historical languages and resource building and bootstrapping for low-resource languages.

Most of my work — in writing and in code — is available on Github and the Gitlab instance of the HumaNum consortium. I always welcome bug reports and contributions.

Feel free to reach out at lgrobol@parisnanterre.fr for questions, chats and impromptu jam sessions.