🌳Loïc Grobol

Hi! Bonjour ! Hej! Demat !

I’m Loïc Grobol. I’m a maître de conférence (≈ Associate Professor) in computational linguistics at Université Paris Nanterre, France 🇫🇷, in the MoDyCo team and associate member of the Lattice lab (CNRS and École Normale Supérieure).

I pronounce my name [loic gʁobɔl]. I typically use they/them pronouns in English and gender-neutral pronouns in other languages where they exist.

My research

My research interests focus on machine learning applications to natural language processing, and specifically to low-resource contexts such as minority and low-resource languages or diachronic and historical data. More specifically, these days I’m focusing on resource building, machine translation and syntactic parsing. My first priority is to develop tools and resources that would actually be helpful for linguistic communities.

Most of my work — in writing and in code — is available on Github and the Gitlab instance of the HumaNum consortium. I always welcome bug reports and contributions.

Feel free to reach out at loic.grobol@gmail.com for questions, chats and impromptu jam sessions.

You can also find my social ramblings on Mastodon.